Have you ever ordered something online, only to find yourself impatiently using the provided tracking number to compulsively check the status of your order every day? You aren’t alone.

Shipment tracking is not only something that can be used on a personal level, but is also a vital piece of technology in the supply chain industry. This technology gives customers full visibility of their shipments, using mapping websites and GPS mobile devices. Today, we will be covering the top five benefits of shipment tracking.

1) Effective Communication

Shipment tracking is the ultimate exercise in effective communication. Merchants, freight forwarders, customers, and various other logistics professionals all work together to ensure visibility. With OASYS’s EDI capabilities, customers receive messages for booking confirmations, shipment confirmations, ACH payments, and more! This communication is deeply valuable for businesses, and helps the whole logistics process run smoother.

2) Improves Accountability

Imagine you called a bakery to find out the status of your cake order, only to be told they have no idea what you are talking about. Accountability is important in any business, logistics included. Tracking services give accountability, allowing you to handle customer questions and inquiries with minimal fuss. They also help with record keeping, with electronic records at OASYS being maintained past the five-year requirement outlined by the FMC.

3) Reduces Loss and Delays

Did a supplier miss a pickup, or is your container stuck in customs? Maybe it has cleared and now you need to schedule the drayage before fees kick in. These are just a few anxious moments you can experience tracking your cargo. With so many points you cannot afford to have data loss or delays. OASYS offers 24-7 mobile tracking capabilities, giving customers the ability to see where their shipment is any time of day. Our shipment tracking allows us to view any potential delays, giving us the foresight to inform customers and ability to attempt to resolve the delays. Customers may also choose to receive alerts related to delays and miss deliveries, giving them the power to stay informed. The complete visibility also helps keep track of all shipments, reducing losses and guesswork.

4) Limits Expenses

As much as we may wish to avoid it, there are weak links in the logistics process. Tracking allows you to get a complete picture of your logistics process, and identify these weak links. You can then eliminate them, saving money, avoiding carrier fees, and ensuring compliance – easing your concerns, along with those of your company or other parties.

5) Improves Customer Service

With shipment tracking, you can give your customers accurate information regarding their orders in real time. The ability to always know the status of an order is a great trust booster, a can create more customer loyalty. With OASYS, customers can even customize which alerts they wish to receive, such as alerts for late shipments, pickups, and customs. Nothing is better than a positive and professional relationship between the customer and freight forwarder!

Shipment tracking is an amazing technological innovation for the logistics industry. OASYS is proud to offer our 24/7 tracking, giving our customers all of the benefits mentioned above. If you are interested in learning more about our other product features, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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